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Green Smoke wins the top rating in our electronic cigarette reviews. Our panel found the taste, throat hit and vapor clouds to be the best of all e-cigarette brands we've tested. It was also a solid product, with good electronics and a nice feel. One extra plus for menthol smokers, is that Green Smoke has far-and-away the best menthol flavor on the market, with a bit of a menthol "bite" missing from the other brands we've sampled. But the three available "tobacco flavors" are also quite nice, and the other available flavors provide a nice balance of product offerings. We tried Green Smoke's pro starter kit. It comes standard with two batteries, one long and one short, five flavor cartridges, plus USB charger, AC adapter, car adapter, carrying case more »


V2 Cigs would have topped our e-cigarette reviews, if it weren't for Green Smoke. We liked this product very much, and it's one of the brands we choose for everyday vaping. There's a greater selection of flavors and options, and the vapor clouds and throat hit are good, as is the technology and feel. It only fell a bit short of the top ranking because it isn't quite as strong as Green Smoke, and our personal preference is for a good bite when inhaling. If you prefer a slightly milder cigarette, then V2 Cigs would likely be your number one choice. We had the opportunity to sample V2's ultimate starter kit, which is one of the best equipped of all the starter kits we've tried. There were three batteries more »


The e-cigarette that comes in just behind our top two is South Beach Smoke. It's a well-made product with a nice taste - and the reason we dropped it to number three may be the same reason you would rank it number one. Instead of carrying a solid punch when you inhale, it's smooth. It still has a good throat hit, but we prefer a little stronger hit on the inhale. However, the taste and vapor clouds are right up there with the top two. And in fact, the good taste of South Beach Smoke is one reason why we vape with it regularly. There's a good reason why it's so popular, not only with celebrities, but with everyday customers. We had the opportunity to check out the ultimate more »


For many people, electronic cigarettes are more than just something to "feed a habit." They enjoy the various flavors available, they like the different possible looks of their e-cigarette - in short, they have fun while vaping. Premium Vapes is the product for these people. The flavor offerings are the largest of any major ecig company, as are the designs and looks of their product. In addition, it's a solid ecigarette that won't disappoint. It's a milder draw with less of a throat hit than some of our top-rated e-cigarette brands, but as we've mentioned in other reviews that may well be a plus to you. There's one other interesting aspect to Premium's product line; they have just about the only electronic cigars and electronic pipes on the more »


White Cloud is an interesting electronic cigarette. For a long time, they were the highest-priced ecig available, with a product to match: well-engineered and satisfying. Fairly recently, they reduced their prices to around the same level as the competition, making them a better buy than ever. It's not one of our preferred brands because there's not a strong throat hit, it's a smooth and mild vape that goes down easily. But this is a company that makes an outstanding product, with lots of innovative options available. We were able to review the best White Cloud starter kit, the Cirrus 3X. It comes with three long long-lasting batteries, five cartridges, a USB charger and a wall adapter, as well as a car charger and a two year warranty, one of more »