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Green Smoke wins the top rating in our electronic cigarette reviews. Our panel found the taste, throat hit and vapor clouds to be the best of all e-cigarette brands we’ve tested. It was also a solid product, with good electronics and a nice feel. One extra plus for menthol smokers, is that Green Smoke has far-and-away the best menthol flavor on the market, with a bit of a menthol “bite” missing from the other brands we’ve sampled. But the three available “tobacco flavors” are also quite nice, and the other available flavors provide a nice balance of product offerings.

We tried Green Smoke’s pro starter kit. It comes standard with two batteries, one long and one short, five flavor cartridges, plus USB charger, AC adapter, car adapter, carrying case and a USB cigarette that you can attach directly to your computer or any other appliance with USB capability, letting you use it while you’re at your desk without the need to recharge batteries. You can also choose from the higher-level ultimate kit (which comes with three batteries, and extra USB adapter, and a leather case), or the lower-level express kit, with fewer accessories. As mentioned, the vapor clouds and feel on the inhale were both to our liking, with lots of exhaled vapor and a nice throat hit on the back of the throat when you inhale, simulating the effect of smoking more than some other brands. Cartridge life was good, well over the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes, and battery charges lasted right around average, just about the equal of a pack.

When it comes to the look of your ecig, you can choose between white or pink batteries, or you can select from eight different designs or patterns in their “designer battery” line, all available in longer or shorter lengths. We’ve seen bigger selections of flavors, but the Green Smoke line is more than decent, with the three “tobacco” flavors, menthol (which they call “menthol ice,” clove, vanilla, mocha and chocolate. All flavors come in your choice of no nicotine, ultra light, light, full flavor or extra strong.

If you’re just looking to try an e-cig, there are convenient six packs of Green Smoke e-cigs available; each one lasts the equivalent of between two and three packs of regular cigarettes, and can just be thrown away when it’s done. It’s not our choice for regular vaping, but is convenient for a night on the town, or if you just want to see what e-cigarettes are all about.

We use several ecigs on a regular basis, but we always go back to Green Smoke as our first choice. We think it’s what an electronic cigarette should really be.



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