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For many people, electronic cigarettes are more than just something to “feed a habit.” They enjoy the various flavors available, they like the different possible looks of their e-cigarette – in short, they have fun while vaping. Premium Vapes is the product for these people. The flavor offerings are the largest of any major ecig company, as are the designs and looks of their product. In addition, it’s a solid ecigarette that won’t disappoint. It’s a milder draw with less of a throat hit than some of our top-rated e-cigarette brands, but as we’ve mentioned in other reviews that may well be a plus to you. There’s one other interesting aspect to Premium’s product line; they have just about the only electronic cigars and electronic pipes on the market.

We sampled their PR110 starter kit. The kit had all the necessities: two batteries, five flavor carts, an AC adapter and a USB charger. The equipment was well-manufactured; we found that the cartridges and batteries each lasted a bit more than a standard pack of cigarettes, a little above the average among the brands we’ve reviewed. Vapor clouds were good, and the taste was pleasant, particularly with some of the flavored carts. It’s worth mentioning that the PR111 starter kit comes with longer batteries which hold a longer charge, worth the extra cost in our opinion. And if you really are looking for a long battery life, you might want to look at Premium’s EGO starter kit. It’s thicker and shaped differently than a regular cigarette and comes in three pieces instead of two so it’s a little more unwieldy, but the battery stays charged four times as long as a regular two-piece electronic cigarette. There’s also an “on the go” starter kit, which includes just one battery but it can be charged in a portable carrying case.

Here’s the part we like most about Premium Vapes: the flavors and designs. Don’t take this list as the be-all and end-all of what the company offers – they’re adding new flavors and designs constantly. But right now they have about twenty flavors of cartridges; as you’d expect, there are the normal tobacco and menthol carts, there are the pretty common savory choices such as chocolate and coffee and less common ones like irish cream, and there are lots of different fruit flavors like peach, blueberry, apple and orange. Have a hard time deciding? There are variety packs of cartridges, where you can sample many different flavors. They come in the usual choice of no nicotine, ultra light, light, full flavor and extra strong. As for the designs, it’s hard to quantify all the possible choices. There are nearly twenty colors and patterns of batteries you can choose from; there’s the standard black and white, lots of pastel colors, and patterns like camouflage and marble. But then there are a ton of custom battery patterns like starbursts and roses, cubes and even skulls – the list goes on and on. Many of the batteries are also available in manual form, with the little button you can push to control the length of your inhale and conserve on battery charge.

The Premium Vapes disposable e-cigs are good ones, each lasting about the same as three packs of traditional cigarettes before you throw them away, and we think they’ve found a nice niche with the e-cigars and e-pipes we mentioned earlier in this review; they come with a distinctive look, dark brown with classy gold trim.

Some may see Premium’s huge product line as overkill, but we found it interesting and fun. For a regular vaper who enjoys the “hobby” aspect of e-cigs, it’s a big plus – and a nice electronic cigarette as well.

Price: $49.95 - $119.95

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