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V2 Cigs would have topped our e-cigarette reviews, if it weren’t for Green Smoke. We liked this product very much, and it’s one of the brands we choose for everyday vaping. There’s a greater selection of flavors and options, and the vapor clouds and throat hit are good, as is the technology and feel. It only fell a bit short of the top ranking because it isn’t quite as strong as Green Smoke, and our personal preference is for a good bite when inhaling. If you prefer a slightly milder cigarette, then V2 Cigs would likely be your number one choice.

We had the opportunity to sample V2’s ultimate starter kit, which is one of the best equipped of all the starter kits we’ve tried. There were three batteries included, one short, one long, and an extra long one that was about 140mm in length. The extra-long one felt a bit unwieldy at first, but we got used to it quickly, and liked the extra charge time it provides; the female member of our panel also liked the feminine look of an extra-long ecig. The kit also came with 25 flavor cartridges, a USB charger along with a wall adapter and a car adapter, a carrying case, a neat portable charging case which allows you to charge batteries a few times while away from a power source, and a power cig which attaches to a USB port on your computer or monitor. There are also a number of lower priced V2 Cigs starter kits with fewer batteries or accessories. V2 also offers a choice between automatic and manual batteries; the automatic one does pretty much what you’d expect, which the manual one has a tiny battery which you press before inhaling, allowing you to control the level of vapor that you inhale and conserve a bit on battery life.

You can choose between four different color batteries: white, black, chrome and blue. Since the cartridges come in different colors depending on flavor, it’s possible to mix and match the look of your e-cigarette if you like. Flavor selection is good, with three tobacco flavors, three different menthol and mint flavors, vanilla, chocolate, coffee and cherry; you can pick from no nicotine, ultra light, light, full flavor and extra strength. Battery and cartridge life were right around average, each lasting the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes. A nice touch offered by V2 Cigs is that they put a freshness date on their cartridge packages, so that you can be sure that they won’t be stale.

V2 is one of the most complete electronic cigarette companies out there, and they have a full line of disposable cigarettes, as well as a complete line of refillable cartridges and eliquids if you prefer to save money (or engage in vaping as a hobby) by filling your own carts. They have eight e-liquid flavors in the full range of strengths, as well as two different kinds of drop tips for convenience.

V2 is a very good choice if you’re looking for a line of ecigarettes to stay with, and could easily have been our top-rated electronic cigarette brand if it had a bit more bite. For the many people who aren’t looking for that extra kick, we recommend it highly.


Price: $24.95 - $159.95

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